Sunday, October 28, 2007
Farewell, Sean Riley & The Slowriders (PT)
Rock, blues, folk and country.

Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Tim and Jeff Buckley, Neil Young, Howe Gelb, Devendra Banhart and the Doors. Anything in common? Yes, Farewell, the debut album by the Coimbra-based trio Sean Riley & The Slowriders.

Farewell, produced by the Dutch Wout Straatman, is one of the biggest surprises to come out of Portugal this year (watch out for the next one, by Mazgani to be released quite soon). It is not that common that a band on their debut album comes up with a bunch of songs - 11 in total - that sound as if they've been around for ages. Afonso Rodrigues (or shall I say Sean Riley) on vocals and guitar; Bruno Simoes, on bass, guitar, percussion, melodica, synths and xylophone; and the ex-Bunnyranch Filipe Costa, on drums, keyboards and harmonica show a maturity several projects haven't achieved after years and years of hard work.

Their music is of beautiful acoustic melodies, sorrow and feelings. Surrounded by silky textures, notes dripping out of the melodica, xylophone and harmonica; dragged, paced and soul warming vocals. It breathes the warm winds of Southern America and drinks inspiration from all the artists mentioned previously.

After the release of the first single, Moving On, I was sure that something special was on its way, I just didn't know that it would be this special!!! The vocals by Sean Riley and the melodies created by Afonso Rodrigues and Bruno Simoes give space to this shiny and special aura, resting above our head, embracing and caressing us. We are taken through some of the memories Mazzy Star left behind; through the sounds Dylan and Tim Buckley taught us to love; through the dry and lonely fields of Bruce "Nebraska" Springsteen. Stories on thousands of nights, departures on the middle of night and difficult decisions. Stories..... 11 of them on this Farewell. Songs as Harry Rivers, Let The Good Times Roll, Lights Out, City Of A Million Thrills and Spider's Blues will be difficult to forget!!!!

Currently Sean Riley & The Slowriders are on tour. All the details on their MySpace.

If you like what you've just read, get the album right here:

MusicaOnline (with previews and best internet offer!!!!)

And now, a little extra on Farewell's recording sessions.....

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