Saturday, October 06, 2007
Rotofobia are back (PL)
The melodic and loose guitars, the catchy vocals, the well-timed drums , the saturated bass and keyboards are back. Rotofobia are back!!!

One of our favourite bands is back with a brand new self-titled EP, our last week's Album of the Week. Having written on them one year ago, the time has come to bring you some more on this Warsaw trio.

With a 4 track EP on their hands, Rotofobia are here to conquer those that haven't surrendered to their music. Musze Juz Isc and Warszawa, Hard To Say and Going Away were the lucky ones to make it this time (two tracks in Polish and two in English). The result? Four arse kickin' tracks. It's rock meets pop meets punk!!!! All in one place!!! All in fifteen minutes!!!! Sebastian Barc, Arkus and Szymon take us on a wild ride, where chaotic and spiral guitars melt with poppy claps, repetitive chorus and dirty drums. It's damn contagious!!

Even though these three lads sound as if they've been around for several years, think again!!! Their past goes only a couple of years back but their music does not reflect that, showing a band that is quite sure of itself, knowing where they're heading to and what they want for themselves.

In case you don't get any Polish, don't worry, Musze Juz Isc will get you out of your seat in no time and put you to dance as if there was no tomorrow. Then, Going Away and Warszawa will the do same back again.

Still not convinced? Try it yourself by downloading their EP right here. Get it and spread it. The world needs to discover Rotofobia as soon as possible. The salvation is here!!!

Musze juz isc [mp3]

Currently they're promoting their EP on the road. You can catch them on the following dates:

16th of November @ Ucho, Gdynia
17th of November @ Mlyn, Gniezno

Check our agenda for further dates.

You know what? Musze juz isc..... but before, Warszawa, live!!!

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