Friday, October 05, 2007
Under the Radar with ... Gabriela Kulka (PL)
Have you ever wondered how come you've missed something or someone that was just there, in front of you?

Recently I felt it once I ran into Gabriela Kulka and the songs on 2006's Out, her latest album.

This Warsaw-based artist released last year an album that is simply a must, an album that should be featured on everyone's cd collection!!!! I still do not own it but I expect to get it in about two weeks.

Owner of a fantastic voice - cool and galloping, festive and yet so strong and powerful, emotional and theatrical; piano notes that come dropping smoothly and elegantly, dressed in black and surrounded in smoke as if they'd been all night long playing on the bar right next door.

Her music takes us to the world of Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Ute Lemper or Kurt Weill. We see ourselves surrounded by jazzy, cinematic, classical and pop tunes. The arrangements give this Out another soul, making it reach other skies, making it too small for Poland alone!

The pursuit continues!!!
Track after track, we discover more of Gabriela and her fantastic music. Diving deeper and wandering through her past releases we notice how amazing has her evolution been, release after release, constantly surprising us with her ironic lyrics and a handful of brand new flavoured sounds.

With two albums (Between Miss Scylla and a Hard Place and Out) and some demos released so far, Gabriela is something quite special in the Polish music scene, if not even unique.
After bringing you the likes of Julia Marcel (another Polish artist we strongly recommend), today we present you Gabriela Kulka, one of Music@PL.PT's 2007 recommended artists.

Get to listen to some of her music right next. Gabriela's Myspace is here too.

Death won't save the day
Krolestwo i pol

[Between Miss Scylla and a Hard Place]

In case you like the mp3s, get the albums right here:

Out (CD Baby)
Between Miss Scylla and a Hard Place (CD Baby);

or on her website.

We could not let you go without a small surprise. Gabriela Kulka and, her father, Konstant Kulka on a unique version for The Clash's London Calling.

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