Saturday, October 13, 2007
The colours, sounds and flavours of Lisboa (PT)
This Summer, the newly born Lisboa Records decided to pay its tribute to Lisbon, the city that sits calmly by the river Tagus.

With Fragil's 25th anniversary as a starting point, some musicians, composers and poets took a chance and accepted the challenge made by Lisboa Records' Tiago Faden.
The idea was to celebrate the city that had seen Fragil grow up during the past quarter of a century.

With the likes of Rodrigo Leao, Paulo Abelho and Pedro Oliveira (all former Setima Legiao), Rui Reininho (GNR), Armando Teixeira, Adriano Filipe, Ricardo Rocha, the bands Dancas Ocultas, The Gift, BCN, A Naifa and Novembro, among others, the 12 tracks on Lisboa are all about elegance, colour, wonder, experiences and discovery!!! An amalgamation of sound and word, embracing pop, rock, fado, electronic music, poetry and spoken word.

The poem You Are Welcome to Elsinore, by the poet and painter Mario Cesariny, is featured on BCN's track (entitled as the poem), giving the impression that it was recorded at the same time as the song itself. Another track to pay attention to is Amalia Rodrigues' Com Que Voz reviewed here by Maria Ana Bobone and Ricardo Rocha.

This is our Lisboa.
The city of colours, light and shadows.
The city of charming narrow streets and typical neighbourhoods.
The city of amazing people, cultural melting pots, poetry, and music encounters.
This is..... Lisboa.

Pedro Oliveira and Jose Sousa – Magnifica Luz
Rui Reininho and Armando Teixeira – Estranho Caso do Amante Preguicoso
Rodrigo Leao – Cidade Tejo
Maria Ana Bobone and Ricardo Rocha – Com Que Voz
BCN – You Are Welcome to Elsinore

More album preview right here.
Get Lisboa on this site.

Lisboa, Making of.....
and other live recordings.

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