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Digit All Love (PL) tunes and beats
"... Delicate and melodic tunes, downtempo beats with an orchestral flavour, electronic pop with cold Islandic inspiration...."

A 10 track album by a 10-piece electronic orchestra. The name.... Digit All Love.

This Wroclaw-based collective, that gathers musicians from several Polish bands (Miloopa, Mikromusic or Milk, among others), has just released DigitAllLove, their self-titled debut album. A collection of songs that breathe sensibility, intimacy, warmth and relaxing tempos; majestic arrangements, fat downtempo beats, subtle and inspired electronic backgrounds; all served together with live instruments and the sensual and delicate vocals of Natalia Grosiak.

After posting on them last year, now it's time to present you their record. Once we step into DigitAllLove, we get face to face with the likes of Bjork, Massive Attack, Portishead or Goldfrapp. The inspirations are obvious and the album does not plan to hide it as well. Putting aside this detail, DAB deliver an album that is close to being perfect. I say close, for they lack something new here that could take them to another division.

Led by the voice of Natalia Grosiak, the superbly arranged tracks, filled with passionate string melodies, darkened moods and energy, create a very special aura around this release. Listening to DigitAllLove will take you on a journey of discoveries, many emotions and colours. As you go by the aesthetic atmospheres of Run Away, passing through the more jazzy and soul ambients of Candy Castle, the loops of Skinflower, the many contrasts and flavours of Matulu, the saturated beats of Don't Expect Too Much, I U Could and I Learn 2 Be into the angelic, Icelandic cold Navel, you find yourself looking away, widely, into the vast!!! You grab the remote and hit play!!! It is time for the second journey!!!

It is a pity this debut was not released some years ago. Nevertheless, it is a great record and one of the most interesting proposals made in Poland, this 2007.

For more, check their website or their MySpace.

[mp3 previews]

U keep it
Run away

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Another sweet for the weekend. The promo for Run Away:


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