Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Atlantic Waves 2007 - The party is about to start...
Atlantic Waves festival is back. 2007's edition will continue promoting new artists, among other established ones, coming from the four corners of the World.

Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola, Israel, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Japan and Australia. All these countries are represented in this cultural melting pot.

From the 1st to the 11 of November, London will be invaded by the music of Saudade, Fado, the unforgettable sounds of the Portuguese Guitar Masters, three Lusophone club nights exploring the new trends on soundclash, techno/electro and ghettotrash. Apart from it, there is still time for three world class experimental audiovisual electronic nights at the ICA, altogether featuring something like 70 different artists in 8 days.

Several artists and acts will perform for their very first time in the UK, so this really becomes a unique chance to get hold of some of the most promising names in Portuguese music, regardless if we're talking about fado, pop, rock or dance.

Do not miss The Grand Divas of Fado, premiering the heavy weights Beatriz da Conceicao and Maria da Fe, plus the great new values of Fado, Aldina Duarte and Raquel Tavares, plus performances by Joana Amendoeira and Mafalda Arnauth.

The Portuguese Guitar will be represented by one of its masters, Antonio Chainho. But he won't be alone on his UK premiere. Custodio Castelo and Ricardo Parreira will receive this London audience for their very first time, together with guitarist Fernando Alvim.

The festival goes on with several other performances. We strongly recommend Zentex, the Finish Lisbon-based producer Jari together with his electronic techno sounds.

Another event not to miss will definitely be the Ghettotrash Lusophone Clubnight.

DJ Marlboro, Frederic Galliano Kuduro Sound System and the youngsters Macacos do Chines, on their UK premiere, releasing their peculiar mish-mash tunes upon everuone!!! Expect kuduro meets techno meets grimme meets..... Check them out on Music@PL.PT's online free compilation, Thirty Something New Tales From PL.PT.

The night would not be complete without Lusophony, The (R)evolution documentary.
"..... With the participation of Caetano Veloso, Cesaria Evora, Lura, Sara Tavares, Gilles Peterson, Carlos do Carmo, Buraka Som Sistema or Sam The Kid, Lusophony, The (R)evolution is a view on identity, rhythms, melodies and dances. This is a documentary on the music which connects some 220 million people in Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde and Sao Tome and Principe. Setting out from the cultural miscegenation between peoples from the 15th century onwards, it explores the way in which lusophone culture has inspired musicians in genres such as Hip Hop, Fado, Reggae, Jazz, Semba, Tropicalia, Kuduro or Morna. This is a unique portrayal of the essence and the magic of Lusophony......"

So, what are you waiting for? Run to the ticket offices and get yourself loaded!!!

For more information on tickets, schedules and venues, please check the Atlantic Waves 07 official website.

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