Sunday, September 24, 2006
The Rock 'n' Roll Machine (PT)

Somehow you find yourself in the wild west. Step into the saloon right next door!!! There's a band playing on stage. It starts slowly, with a slide guitar.

We're part of a film. A Western. Soon, the bad guys will come in and everything will change.

No, they're already inside. They're 5, and they're playing dirty bits, spitting every word they say. The music, contagious, starts making its effect. Take off your shirt, scream out loud and dance!!!! The music comes bursting out of the speakers!!!!! The wild west is no longer!!!!

Welcome to the world of the Green Machine. Please join Joao Pimenta, vocals, Bruno Costa, guitar and vocals, Angelo Sousa, bass and vocals, Pedro Oliveira, drums, and Rude, drums and action, on their mission. These 5 lads storming out of Barcelos, are rampaging not only Portugal but Spain as well. Prepare yourselves for this rock'n'roll machine.

Expect no mercy.

Expect nothing but guitars, dirty, noisy and damn fast, vocals, spitten and screamed out loud, uncontrolled bass sessions and drum sounds bursting out of your stereo.

This is the sound of Themes for the Hidebounds, their second EP. Here, you can find 7 tracks, where rock'n'roll and blues go walking hand by hand.

Have a taste of it at their MySpace.

You can get this EP, for a mere 5 EUR plus postage, by contacting the band at their email.

"The ep its in the streets! We are gonna tour all over the place.And your city will never be the same!"
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