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Andy live at Lubu-Dubu (PL)

Last December, on the 18th, Andy played live at the club Lubu-Dubu, in Krakow.
I had already posted on them on Quentes e Boas, describing their sound, but I never thought I'd see such a great concert.
First time I heard about them was on the magazine Lampa. "Nic z tego nie bedzie" was the track available on the cd. They really rocked! I started looking for more information on them but unfortunately couldn't find much more. As my Polish is still a bit poor, it didn't help as well.
Well, lets go back to the concert.
The club was crowded in order to receive Andy's last concert this year. This was quite a Xmas present.
Kasia, Ania, another Kasia and Bozena delivered one of the best rock concerts I saw in the past months. They played fast, furiously, with so much energy, as if there'd be no tomorrow.
They remember me of Hole, but there's nothing wrong with it.
The concert lasted for one hour or so, during which one could dance as much as possible.
There were some songs sung in English, though I prefered all those in Polish.
"Nic z tego nie bedzie", "Mnie", "New Order", "Feels", a new track out of Broniewski's tribute cd and one theme "dedicated" to Gazeta Wyborcza were part of their set.
The moment for Andy is now. With all these new punk-rock bands emerging, they can easily follow the path. I hope they can release a cd soon, their first, for they can become one of Poland's best acts.
The set can be found here.

Another track to download.

Andy in concert, in Wrocław 03.04.2004


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