Thursday, January 19, 2006
Bor Land (PT)

It's been 5 years since Bor Land's first steps.

The year was 2000, in Oporto city, when Rodrigo Cardoso began this adventure.

5 years afterwards, what do we have?
One of the best independent labels in Portugal, promoting portuguese artists as no other did before.

Old Jerusalem, Complicado, Alla Polacca, Ölga, among others, all are released by Bor Land. Choosing to promote Portuguese music, not thinking entirely on the financial results, supporting their bands on the road, selling their cds cheaper in order to reach more people, soon they became THE LABEL in Portugal.

In order to celebrate their 5th anniversary, they released the double album, "Can take you anywhere you want" (simply click on album name), downloadable for free at their site.

Have a look at all the other artists recording for Bor-Land, and discover some of the finest tunes coming out of Portugal.

Music @ PL.PT recommends Old Jerusalem, Alla Polacca, Olga, Munchen and Carlos Bica.

Olga - Money
The Old Jerusalem - To the East, Son
Alla Polacca - Astray
Carlos Bica - Softly as ....
Munchen - EP (4 track EP)

In case there is a failure when you try to download the files for the first time, refresh and try again. It should work now.

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