Sunday, January 15, 2006
Cansei De Ser Sexy - Electro from Brazil

CSS or Cansei de Ser Sexy, call them as you want. They come from Brazil, São Paulo, and are one of bands to watch out in 2006.

They sound like 80's electro-pop, pink and fluffy, with some raw vocals. Known for their live performances, the message around this bands soon got spread out across Brazil.

CSS are 8 friends, that didn't know that much how too play. Ira Trevisan, bass, Ana Rezende and Luiza Sá, guitar, Maria Helena, keyboards, Adriano Cintra, drums, Carol ,drums and guitar, Lovefoxxx and Clara, vocals, they are responsible for some of Brazil's freshest tunes.

Releasing their songs on Trama Virtual, soon their webpage became one of the most visited.

Trama Virtual, a part of Trama records, was supposed to be a site hosting non signed bands, with their material, but this sudden success of CSS, made Trama Vistual give the next step and release their first record.

Cansei de Ser Sexy, which can be purchased here, is their debut record. In here you can find some pearls like Let´s Make Love And Listen Death From Above, Meeting Paris Hilton or This month, day 10, playing "On the speakers ....".

If you are keen on LadyTron, Le Tigre, 2 Many Djs, then you should have a look at CSS.

Next, the album track listing and some mp3, for download:

1. Fuck off is not the only thing you have to show (demo version)
2. Alala
3. Let´s Make Love And Listen Death From Above (sample only)
4. Meeting Paris Hilton
5. Alcohol
6. Bezzi
7. Off the Hook
8. Art Bitch
9. Acho um Pouco Bom 1
0. Computer Heat
11. Music Is My Hot Hot Sex
12. This month, day 10
13. Superafim
14. Poney Honey Money

You can still download the track ódio ódio ódio, sorry c.

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