Saturday, January 28, 2006
The Car Is On Fire (PL)

The Car is on Fire's debut album was voted as one of the best Polish records in 2005.

I've listened to the album many many times, and still, there's something about it that does not sound ok.

Live, they are quite good. I've seen them in concert and I got quite a good impression about it.

So you might ask me, what is wrong with them? Well, it might be me, but I cannot stop disliking they way they sing. Exception: Miniskirt and Cranks. These two tracks are full of energy, guitars that sound as if they were on the very limit, being pushed and sounding desperate, chorus that grab you from the very first moment, and a vocalist that looks sure of himself. Check Miniskirt at the audio section at their site.

If all the album would be like these 2 tracks, it would have been, for sure, on my "Best Records of 2005 " list.

Here's the tracklist for their self-titled debut album (If you'd like to listen to some excerpts from the album, click here):

1. No one got hurt, fortunately
2. Miniskirt
3. Scarlett O'Hara
4. Cranks
5. Ellinor
6. At this time
7. (Escape, escape)
8. Miss Nevada
9. Sexy flawless waitress rules
10. 16 days & 16 nights
11. Break up with him (the break-up song)
12. Sell sell sell
13. Expect some hatred

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