Saturday, January 28, 2006
Conjunto Ngonguenha (ANG, PT)

Ngonguenha - A delicious and nutricious mixture of flour, sugar and water.

Ngonguenha also happens to be the name of a musical group, known for their hip hop with a strong link with Angola.

Conjunto Ngonguenha started in 2001. Ikonoklasta, 'L', Mayanda and Conductor brought us a record, released in 2004, sounding as if had travelled all the way from Angola to Portugal.

Their songs reflect the happiness of a country, never forgetting their problems. They handle it in such way, not accessible to many out there.

Here's the track list for Ngonguenhacao, in radio session format, and 3 tracks for download:

01 - Inicio da Ngonguenhacao
02 - Ecos & Factos
03 - Brinca na Areia
04 - Colagem
05 - Nos e Voces
06 - E dreada ser angolano
07 - Fugueiro
08 - FTU-Nzamba2
09 - Os 4 Elementos
10 - Jetu-Jetu
11 - Choro de um Continente
12 - Nos e Voces (O apelo)
13 - Kanguei o Maiky (Highly Recomm.)
14 - Fim da Emissao

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posted by SKL @ 9:49 AM  
  • At 12:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hey where is this band from?

  • At 12:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    song 4 an 6, can't be downloaded? =( an i love their music, please fix the links

  • At 1:48 PM, Blogger skl said…

    Hello there. This band comes from Portugal. You can find their album @

    Unfortunately I couldn't fix track number 6. Number 4 should be working now.

    They sing this kind of Hip Hop from Angola. I guess that makes it different, and special. I also think they are great.

    Take care


  • At 5:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hey a bit confused eheh, why is this blog in english? It seems to me that the vast majority of its contents are from either portuguese or portuguese speaking countries right? Sorry I didnt take the time to go through it all, I was baffled by finding our presentation text typed in english, there is a minor correction (not your fault, its the lack of precision on the original one) the FARINHA is not the FLOUR, its a granulated, almost powdery (think of it as SAND with thick grains) item made out of fried and dried cassava, which we normally put on top of our beans, or, in this case, mix with sugar and water/milk (to make it softer) and eat it as an appetizer or a dessert rather, its just a filler, but it lands quite heavily in the stomach making you FORGET about REAL HUNGER ahaha. If consumed excessively it can provoke OBSTIPATION.
    Dude i'm really flattered finding all this blogs promoting our music just for what it strings attached!!! thank you so much, and by the way, WE ARE ANGOLANS not portuguese. Stay true, make peace

  • At 3:18 PM, Blogger skl said…

    Hello. The reason for writing in english is that people outside our countries can read it and get to know about what we do, regardless if it is from Portugal or Angola.

    I'm quite glad for your lines. Thank you a lot. Some weeks ago I was with a friend of mine that used to write about Portuguese Hip Hop, Djamilo, and I had the chance to listen to your record. I must say, that once I get back to Portugal, I'll buy it for sure.

    PS: Any news on culture from Angola, please drop me an email.

    Once again, take care.

    Um abraco da Polonia.

  • At 4:52 AM, Anonymous lisboainjersey nas boas ;-) cul? said…

    ha ha FARINHA, yeh i use it alot to make bolo de kako ;-) its cul dat i found something in English cuz i want some of my mates to under stand da good sounds and vibraçaos de Angola ;-) loven da musik its class!!! buéda becano soms, i've always got da CD in ma car on proper load! lol os quatro elementos is da best lol

  • At 8:44 AM, Blogger Henry said…

    "O Choro de um continente" Best song out there!!! Outstanding work CONJUNTO Keep up ur good work.


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