Sunday, January 22, 2006
Cool Kids of Death (PL)

Rock is something C.K.O.D. know about, even though their name comes from the British pop band, St. Etienne.

They started in Lodz, in 2001, having released their debut album the year after. So far, they have released 2 records, "C.K.O.D." and "C.K.O.D. 2", and a special release for foreign market, which gathers themes from the 2 albums mentioned previously, plus a new track.

These boys are Krzysztof Ostrowski, on vocals, Jakub Wandachowicz, on bass, Marcin Kowalski, on guitar, Jacek Fras, on drums, Kamil Lazikowski, on keyboards, and Wojciech Michalec on guitar.

Proud of having some of their tunes already played on Steve Lemacqs program at BBC 1 FM, this year's album shall see C.K.O.D.'s third album. This is already on my waiting list.

To know more about their sound, check out the next mp3s:



The Salvation Army

Stones and Bottles Filled with Petrol


Cool Kids Of Death - Kokaina z kokakola methadone RMX

Cool Kids Of Death- Uwazaj - methadone rmx

Visit as well their webpage for more tracks, and for their video section.

Tracks excerts from their international CD:

1 - Cool Kids Of Death: Stones And Bottles Filed With Petrol

2 - Cool Kids Of Death: The Salvation Army

3 - Cool Kids Of Death: Generation Nothing

4 - Cool Kids Of Death: Twenty And Than Some

5 - Cool Kids Of Death: It Never Happens To Us

6 - Cool Kids Of Death: Cool Kids Of Death

7 - Cool Kids Of Death: Illegal

8 - Cool Kids Of Death: Its Not Worth

9 - Cool Kids Of Death: Look Out

10 - Cool Kids Of Death: Disorder (with Procesor Plus)

11 - Cool Kids Of Death: Dead Disco (polish Version)

12 - Cool Kids Of Death: The Salvation Army Methadone Remix

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