Friday, January 27, 2006
Project M.A.U. (PT, ..........)

Portugal version 2006 promises to be known as the year electro and synths took over the musical scene. U-Clic, Woman in Panic, and now Man And Unable (M.A.U.) are to release their debut albums still this year.

Imagine electro reviewed by Stacs of Stamina, pop a la carte by Vive La Fete, Kraftwerk's synths and a French Hip Hop connection. The result? M.A.U.

Their original 5 members (Jonas, Luís Fonseca de Sousa, Pablo, Pia M. P. Mechler and Shir Comay) met in Denmark, in 2003, at the European Film College. One year later, they'd be playing live for the first time as M.A.U.

Today M.A.U. is Luís F. de Sousa, on vocals, programming, accordion and writing process, Pablo Camp, on vocals, António Soares, on guitar and backing vocals, Fernando César, on drums, Pia, whenever possible, on vocals, Lamy , normally supporting the band live, playing keyboards and backing vocals, and Shir helping on the lyrics.

Due to the fact that some of its elements are far away from Portugal, they often have different guests helping them live. This gives more emphasis to the idea of project.

Their first record shall see its release this year. Flak and Carlos Morgado are responsible for the production, whereas Tó Pinheiro for mastering.

You can listen now on the speakers the track "I need a priest", but you can download it as well here, alongside with 2 more tracks, from their first demo.

Corporation in Heat

I Need a Priest


On their Myspace site, you can listen to a new track, Control, from their self-titled debut album.

Highly recommended by Music@PL.PT


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