Sunday, January 15, 2006
Skalpel - Electronic Jazz sounds out of Poland

Skalpel are Marcin Cichy and Igor Pudlo, 2 DJ / producers from Wroclaw, Poland.

Releasing their sounds on the prestigious Ninja Tune label, they've turned the spotlight towards the Polish music scene. If you are in the mood for some The Cinematic Orchestra sounds, you'll definitely dig into Skalpel.

The year 2000 was a major breakpoint for their career. First, by touring across Poland with DJ Vadim and his Russian Percussion; later, releasing the demo CD-R titled "Polish Jazz", which not only received a lot of critical acclaim, but also led Skalpel to signing a contract with Ninja Tune.

They've released 2 albums so far, Skalpel and Konfusion, released last year. You can find some more EPs and singles meanhile, released on Ninja. All these can be found here.

Their music breathes Polish Jazz from the 60s and 70s, smooth and dark electronic beats, making it sound like modern, dark and relaxing jazz.

From the first record, Skalpel, you can check here the videos for "1958", "Break In" and "Sculpture" and the track Ninjazz, from the EP Sculpture.

Their records can be bought right here.

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