Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Warsaw Village Band (or Kapela Ze Wsi Warszawa) (PL)

Back in 1997, six musicians from Warsaw dreaming about music combining Poland’s traditional sounds with new ideas got together and formed Kapela Ze Wsi Warszawa, or a.k.a. Warsaw Village Band.
Their sound, which they define as hip-hopsasa, (meaning - let's dance, which is polish traditional invitation to jump), follows the route of such groups as Hedningarna or Varttina. Using traditional Polish instruments such as the old Polish suka fiddle, the cello, outlandish drums, synthesizers and the violin, they play folk dance melodies , ballads and rural songs.

Warsaw Village Band are Maja Kleszcz, on cello and vocals, Magdalena Sobczak, on dulcimer and vocals, Sylwia Swiatkowska, on violin, old polish fiddle and vocals, Wojciech Krzak, on violin, hurdy gurdy and jews harp, Piotr Glinski, on baraban drum, and Maciej Szajkowski, on frame drum.

Having released 3 albums so far, HopSaSa, Wiosna Ludu ("Peoples' Spring") and Wykorzenienie ("Uprooting") , their talent has already been recognised worldwide, being awarded a BBC World Music award in 2004.

You can listen to the following tracks here on Music@PL.PT

The Owl, from their latest record Uprooting, and the following tracks released previously, Untitled (couldn't discover the title), Przyjdź Jasieńku, Styry konie, Jechali, Baby Powolniak, Stara Baba, Warzyła Baba Lebiode and Ober Jasionowy.

You can buy their material right here.


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  • At 10:21 AM, Blogger Sunday Morning said…

    ola, obrigado pelo teu comentário, conheço poucos grupos polacos, vou ficar atenta com o teu blog.
    fui ver o concerto deste grupo o ano passado, gostei bastante.
    este ano vou a barcelona ver primavera sound...depois em julho vou a sines....
    sera que aha uma cura para deixar ser viciada em musica:)saia mais barato

    bjs gina

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