Monday, February 13, 2006
Linda Martini (PT)

First it was Punk, then ...... the guitars came...... noisy, arty, melodic.

Linda Martini are Andre Henriques, vocals and guitar, Claudia Guerreiro, bass, Helio Morais, drums, Pedro Geraldes, guitar and Sergio Lemos, guitar.

Last year, they released one the most acclaimed demos in Portugal, Linda Martini, with some of the best tracks out of 2005. If not listen to "Amor Combate", "Efemera" and "Este Mar".

If you are into some of the finest rock with some loud guitars, good lyrics, attitude, check Linda Martini or their MySpace site, where you can find 4 tracks.............. all, sung in portuguese.

This year they shall release an EP (with last year's promo tracks) and a new album on Naked Records.

For now, enjoy the following tracks.

Licao de voo n1
Amor combate
Este mar

If you are having trouble downloading the tracks, try the refresh button.

Now, you can check them live in:

10/02/06 * - Temple bar - Dublin, Ireland
11/02/06 * - The forum - Waterford City, Ireland
12/02/06 - The spitz, London, England
14/02/06 - The windmill, London, England

* - With God Is An Astronaut

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