Friday, March 24, 2006
LAO CHE - Creativity made in Poland (PL)

Lao Che might be one of Poland's most exciting bands live. This Polish band is on tour now, taking their magnificent 2005 release "Powstanie Warszawskie" or "Warsaw Rising" to a city near you.

I had the chance to see them live last Saturday, at Klub Studencki "Zaczek", in Krakow. This venue was crowded and everyone was waiting anxiously for this concert.

But, who are Lao Che? Lao Che are Mariusz Denst (Denat), Hubert Dobaczewski (Spięty), Michał Jastrzębski (Dimon), Rafał Borycki (Żubr), Filip Różański (Wieża), Jakub Pokorski (Krojc) and Maciek Dzierżanowski (Trocki). Their sound could be catalogued as a mixture of rock, death metal, fok music, but where you can find time for some more dancable tunes, or even mellow.

They started in 1999 and soon gathered an imense cult around them. With 2 records released so far, "Gusla" and "Powstanie Warszawskie", this band can be compared, in terms of creativity, to the likes of Mike Patton's Mr. Bungle.

Last year's concept album was dedicated to the Warsaw Rising. For those who do not know what the Warsaw Rising is, please check this site.

As the band describes it on their website "we should write music on this extraordinary time, time of human morality at war. Ferocity versus elation of young bravery, friendship and cooperation in extreme conditions, difficult to understand for us - people of present time. All we can do is to walk along the imagination path. It is like a broadcast and its main aim is to show that world through sounds. The set and arrangements are created according to historical facts of the Rising".

For those willing to discover more on Lao Che, check these samples from their latest record and from Gusla. Zrzuty can be downloaded here completely.

"Powstanie Warszawskie"

01. 1939/Przed Burzą
02. Godzina W
03. Barykada
04. Zrzuty
05. Stare Miasto
06. Przebicie do Śródmieścia
07. Czerniaków
08. Hitlerowcy
09. Kanały
10. Koniec


01. Astrolog
02. Kniaź
03. Klucznik / rozdziobią nas kruki i wrony
04. Wiedźma
05. Junak
06. Lelum Polelum
07. Mars-Anioł Choroby (Complete live version)
08. Nałożnica
09. Did Lirnik
10. Topielce
11. Komtur
12. Jestem Słowianinem
13. Wisielec
14. Kat

Both their cds can be bought here.

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