Wednesday, April 12, 2006
A Bonde do Role (BR)

If you are into Cansei de Ser Sexy you really have to listen to Bonde do role.

D’eyrot, MC Marina Ribatski and DJ Rodrigo Gorky have been recently signed to Diplo's new label, mad decent.

In their new 5 track E.P., they take baile funk a step forth. Imagine AC/DC getting together with Alice in Chains, and still with friends Europe, and having their material reviewed with some heavy bass sounds, wild screaming vocals and some of the best funk coming out of Brazil? Confused?

So check these tunes and judge it by yourself.

Bonde Do Role - “Esfiha” (Ghetto Ass Curtis Vodka rmx)

Bonde Do Role – Melo Do Vitiligo (mp3)

Bonde Do Role – Melo Do Tabaco (mp3)

As they're touring currently, you can check them in a city nearby. Just follow the link.


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