Friday, April 21, 2006
No Data - New electronica from (PT)

Carlos Maria Trindade (Madredeus, Herois do Mar, Corpo Diplomatico) is back with a new project. This time, he got together with Luis Beethoven (Opera Nova, Fantásticos Abridões da Selva...) for No Data. The album, "Musica Naive", can already be found at the stores.

The album breathes smooth ambients, endless voyages, modern atmospheres ............ here and there, vocals perfume these tracks, giving them a different scent.

Carlos Maria Trindade, synths and programming, and Luis Beethoven, programming, prepared the ideal travel guide for each one of us. Sit back and relax. Make sure you seat belt is fasten. We are ready to take off.

Here you can listen to some samples out of this record.

01. Vivo Deste Quase Nada (com Teresa Salgueiro e Francisco Ribeiro)
02. Lago da Paz
03. Heaven on Earth (it's so difficult)
04. Ma Voix
05. Angustia del Sagrado
06. Espirito Santo dos Acores
07. Cult of Tea
08. Verao Indiano
09. White Noise (batucada)
10. Africa em Lisboa
11. Hino ao Vento
12. Viagem a Plutao
13. Bebe Nirvana
14. Sleeping Cats

The album is accompanied by an extra DVD with 4 videos for Cult of Tea, África Em Lisboa, Hino ao Vento, Viagem a Plutão, directed by Edgar Pera, Jose Pinheiro e Joao Carrilho.
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