Monday, May 08, 2006
The party is about to start - Juwenalia (PL)

Every year, in May, Poland is taken over by the student parties known as Juwenalia.
This year is no exception and Music@PL.PT presents you some of the most atractive events to watch for within the next few days @ the following cities:

For the complete programmes, please click on the city name


Indios Bravos, Vavamufin (18/05) and Lona(19/05) among many others.


Hurt and Happysad (17/05); Negatyw and Kult (18/05); and Strach na Lach and Lady Pank (19/05)


Vavamuffin (09/05); Pidzama Porno, Kanal Audytywny and Abradab (10/05); Akurat, Hey and Negatyw (11/05); Lady Pank, Hurt and Natty Dread (12/05) and T.Love (13/05)


Sydney Polak and T.Love (16/06) and Hey (17/05)


Kult, Habakuk and Pidzama Porno (24/05) and Pogodno (26/05)


Habakuk and Sistars (11/05); Armia (12/05); Indios Bravos, Happysad, Lady Pank and Dzem (13/05); Pogodno and Hurt (18/05); T.Love, Akurat, Paprika Korps and Vavamufin (19/05); Hurt, Jamal, Stach na Lach, Kayah and Myslovitz (20/05)


Ira (10/05); Lao Che and Sidney Polak (11/05); Kult and Homo Twist (12/05) and Habakuk (13/05).

If you cannot make it to most of these concerts, try to check those in bold as a recommended daily diet.
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