Wednesday, May 10, 2006
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Kussundulola (ANG/PT)
Led by Janelo Da Costa, they were responsible for the rise of reggae in both ANG/PT. As you can find on their MySpace, "..History started many years ago... Somewhere in the territory the one that today we call Angola".

On their player, 2 tracks out of their new album "Guerrilheiro". On their site, the preview for some of their classics such as "Dancam no Huambo", "Perigosa" or "Nos Somos Rastaman".

Mitch & Mitch (PL)
"It would all have been different if Jobim hadn’t written ‘Desafinado'... but he had. Mitch & Mitch (at that time Macio Moretti and Bartek Magneto – one half of Starzy Singers) met determined to record the classic tune for the needs of the Azorro film group. Until now they have not succeeded to do so. Instead, they were born again to sing of the road, nostalgia, love, sentiments and TV at the barber’s."

Mitch , Mitch, Serious Mitch, Mrs. Mitch and James Boned Mitch bring us the future of rockabily; rock 'n' roll from out of space.

Listen to "I'm 30 I'm lonely I...." or "Oh Yeah" and you'll know why. We also recommend "Speedway", their tribute track to Partia.

Lots of other goodies available for download @ their video/sound section and even their biography in Portuguese.

Spartak! (PT)
They were "Born in the XXI Century..."

They are Tiago Matos, Marcio Duarte, Wagner Fernandes, Miguel Nicolau, Nuno Ruas and Carlos Sousa.

They are pop meets electronica; They are Madchester XXI century; They ......

.... have their EP "Spartak!One" available for download @ their website.

Music@PL.PT recommends the tracks "King Tubby" and "Spartak!One". Play them and do not stop!!!
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