Wednesday, May 24, 2006
This week on 1, 2, 3...... @ MySpace

This week we kick off the MySpace series with Nun's electro sounds and then we go darker, faster, with B.E.T.H. and Dapunksportif.

Nun (PL)

Nun are a duo from Wroclaw, the city where electronic music never sleeps. Magda Kaspryszyn and Olaf Karbowiak will release this June the album "Sunlight", an album that breaths electro sounds and 80's pop, Ladytron and Gary Numan. Certainly, it'll make our Summer something sweeter.

We've heard some of these tracks at their MySpace and @ their webpage and we recommend it. Have a look at tracks such as Burn or Stop.

Dapunksportif (PT)

Paulo Franco, on lead vocals and guitar, Joao Guincho, on guitar and vocals, Joao Leitao, on bass and vocals, and Pedro, on drums, will release this June “Ready!Set!Go!”, a 7 track cd where fast guitars, screaming wild vocals, drums on the loose combine themselves to deliver one of the most enthusiastic cds to be released this year.

Go to their MySpace and check it by yourself. Tracks like I can't move or Summer boys are certain to make you dance.

Check them live at the Festival Super Bock Super Rock, or at Clube Mercado, Lisbon, on the 16th of June during their album release party.

B.E.T.H. (PL)

This year Poland is delivering some of the best rock albums released in this country for the past recent years. After the release of Jesus Chrysler Suicide's cd, another band has come up with an exciting album.

B.E.T.H. are Svistak Marcin, on vocals, Piotr Mossakowski, on bass, Hubert Zielinski, on guitar, Sebastian Miecznik, on guitar, and Robert Szymanski, on percussion. This year they released "Beth", the self-titled cd that combines the energy and sound of Sepultura, Korn, Pantera and System of a Down. In case you want to confirm it, check Nie przemocy.

Pure energy..................... in Polish.
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