Saturday, October 21, 2006
"Iskrzy, Iskrzy" or the electro pop from PL

Husky are back with the EP "Iskrzy, iskrzy", taken out from their forthcoming album Zgadnij. This Wroclaw based electro pop duo will release this year, via 2-47 Records, the follow up to the aclaimed debut album Czy Slyszysz.

DJ Patricia and Jacek Dojwa are back with their minimal electronic beats, delicate pop melodies, fragile vocals and tempting dancing tunes. This first song takes us to the musical ambients of cold Scandinavia. I know we're talking Poland, but I can't forget names such as Annie, Moa or Bjork, as I listen to their music.

The long three-year wait has finished. Welcome to Iskrzy, iskrzy.

1. Iskrzy Iskrzy !!! - radio Edit
2. Instrumental
3. Itoa mix
4. Agim mix
5. Loco Star mix
6. Stealpot mix

Check the video for this track " ..... on the screen"

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