Saturday, October 28, 2006
Kita Essa Dama - Cool Hipnoise are Back (PT)

The cool gang is back.

Francisco Rebelo, Tiago Santos, Joao Gomes and all hip troppers, Hugo Menezes, Marco Alvez, Marga Munguambe and Milton Gulli, are back with the single Kita Essa Dama, previewing their next studio release.

After the 2005 Best Off Groove Junkies, Cool Hipnoise return with their funky jazz, soul, reggae and dub machine.

Kita Essa Dama, starring Marga Munguambe and Milton Gulli on vocals, delivers us a reggae, ska influenced track with roots down to Brazil and Africa, that easily gets our head bouncing, our feet jumping, and us singing along Kita Essa Dama.

This collective which dates back to the year 1995, has released so far Nascer do Soul, Groove Junkie, Musica Exotica para Filmes, Radio e TV, which gathered the likes of producers Luke Williamson, Ralph Drosemeyer and Nick Manasseh, and artists such as Fernanda Abreu, Last Poets, Sonia Tavares, we are invited once again to step in this frenetic music machine.

Get to know more of their music on their online Jukebox.

Catch them live in Lisbon on

02 Nov. @ Cinema Sao Jorge and
06 Nov. @ Casino Lisboa
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