Saturday, October 28, 2006
Music to dance to - The Cracow Klezmer Band (PL)

Men in black....
4 men in black.....
4 virtuous men in black....

Music to dance to!

Music to celebrate! To celebrate life and death, sadness and euphoria.

They are Jaroslaw Bester (accordion), Oleg Dyyak (percussion, accordion and clarinet), Jaroslaw Tyrala (violin) and Wojciech Front (double bass).

Back in 1997 Jaroslaw decided to form the Cracow Klezmer Band (CKB) with his smoking break fellow colleagues. Almost 10 years later, 5 albums and many many concerts worldwide.

Weepy accordions, seagulls trapped inside a double bass, frenetic violions and amazing percussion. This is but a few of what CKB is capable of. Their sound breathes balcan-like music, Jewish music, gloomy tunes, jazz and folk music.

These four magnificent musicians released this year Balan, another volume to John Zorn's Masada project, on the Tzadik label. Live, all their music becomes so intense, with such energy and emotion, mainly due to their dedication, that every song is transformed into a very unique moment. It is as if music could fly away, spread its wings and land closely by your side, surrounding you with warth and a cosy feeling.

Their albums can be found at any internet music store.

Out of Balan: Book of Angels Vol.5


Out of De Profundis

Balkan Dance

You can find more mp3s at their multimedia section.


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  • At 4:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Just yesterday I said to a friend that I didn't listen to enough klezmer, and then I find some here :D

    I just noticed your comment on my blog and gave you a link back. Thanks ^^

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