Sunday, October 15, 2006
The October Leaves and The Ossis, Live @ B-Side (PL)

Friday night, was concert night in Krakow.
Now, that the Autumn has arrived and the concert season started, this means, the chance to go and check some fancy concerts and get suprised now and then.

It was exactly this that happened last Friday, at the B-Side club, in Krakow.

Two Polish bands, two new Polish bands. From Rybnik, The October Leaves, and from Wroclaw and Gorzow Wlkp., The Ossis.

Both of them are in a similar situation. They've been touring, but so far, no record available. You can find some of their material at their MySpace for now.

The evening kicked out with The October Leaves. Drinking inspiration from bands such as Stereophonics, Oasis, Babyshambles, Ride or Travis, their music sweats brit-pop, shoegazing, indie or some more melodic tunes, scratching here and there some other pop bands from Scandinavia.

Vocals and rhythm guitar, with Mr. Kamil Bartkowiak, lead guitar and backing vocals, squeezed by Mr. Szymon Bartkowiak, Bass guitar, handled by Mr. Adrian Wuwer, and finally, the drums, punished by Mr. Piotr Szopa.

With only demo material recorded so far, this band can point their batteries to higher goals, as their music can easily be heard in Poland, Germany, England, well ........ wherever.

Back to the concert now.

So, the band started playing to 5 persons at the time. I guess that as normally concerts do not start on time, people get used to appear later on. Luckily for all of us, everyone joined the concert right afterwards.

I was a good concert, with some good music being played on. I got out of the concert with the certainty that as soon as they get an album out, their songs will be airplayed easily, and their music known throughout the country.

In case you don't believe it, just have a look at the track 10 seconds of love, and then, judge it for yourself. Get to know another track, Duplicity, at their Myspace.

Now, back to the second act.

The October Leaves were gone, and now it was time for The Ossis, another band in their first steps, but to whom playing live is not a problem. At least, this was the feeling I got after their concert.

Singing mainly in English, their musical universe embraces pop music, the blues, rock, indie and sometimes country music, but always with some guitars giving an extra touch to each one of their tracks.

Janek Samolyk, on vocals and guitar; Przemek Nieciejewski, on bass guitar; and Szymon Cybulski, on drums; played with such an enthusiasm, transforming this concert into a party.
The music, this was played fast, with more guitars, but still quite melodic. Each track was extended and freedom was given to improvisation.
Among their original tracks, two versions were played. A track by the Sex Pistols and a classic, brought to life by the Swedish band Rednex, i.e. Cotton eye Joe.

As The October Leaves, this is a band to keep an eye on. Lets wait for some new material. Nevertheless, they have to improve the pauses between each track.

Discover them right here. Pay a visit to their site and listen to the tracks Tak bardzo nie chce and Zagarysta.

Rush hours
Stop thinking
Anybody home
I ain't gonna give up


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