Saturday, October 28, 2006
Old Time Radio and Graftmann live (PL)

Last Monday was concert evening at Kawiarnia Naukowa, in Krakow.

The night was reserved to the sounds of Graftmann and Old Time Radio.

The evening kicked out with Graftmann. In the very beggining, not that many people in the room. After the first song, the room looked quite different. More people, but always a bit shy.

Graftmann is a one man project. It all began back in the year 2002 after writing some songs. As there weren't any other musicians to play with, he decided to do it all on its own.
Roman Szczpanek, a.k.a. Graftmann, sings, plays acoustic guitar, harmonica and all the instruments to be found on his self-titled debut album. Live though, an acoustic guitar and harmonica do the trick.

Alone in front of the stage and armed with his guitar and harmonica, Graftmann showed us how simple songs can sound so beautifully, so delicate and melodic, sad or happy. Playing several tracks from his debut album and some fabulous versions (What is love (baby don't hurt me no more) by Haddaway, was wonderfully played), his music left its perfume on the room, and showed us that this artist is set for higher flights. Tracks like Penguins and Sharks; Half a moon for you, half a moon for me or Sometimes sorrow, sometimes happiness are a perfect example for it.

The record itself, is a collection of recordings done by year 2002/2003 and 2005, released before on two EPs. As you listen to it, you can see ghosts of Lou Reed, Bob Dylan, Lloyd Cole or Elliot Smith wandering around each one of its tunes. As you listen to it, you can notice as well a change on his music, to better, from the material recorded back at the year 2002 and that of 2005.

"....I'm writing songs because i love music. When I'm happy, when I'm sad, when I'm sleepy. I'll take my guitar and play. It's a part of my life....."

Listen to Sometimes sorrow, sometimes happiness and Half a moon for you, half a moon for me right here.

The night continued with the "Trojmiasto" indie pop trio Old Time Radio.

With the sound not helping Magda's voice to sound as clear as it should be, this band departed in what was to be a good concert, with a very relaxed atmosphere (for that we should all thanks to Tomasz and his infinite good mood), with some precious pop tunes likened to Belle and Sebastian or Stereolab.

Throughout the concert, we were offered some songs out of their debut album, but as well from Downtown, their latest release. Live, their catchy, fluffy, spacy electro pop tunes become more contagious, jumping sometimes back to the early 80's electro beats, giving an astonishing new look to some of their songs.

The night, that was won by Graftmann. Not that the music sounded better or worse. Simply because he was more of a suprise to me than OTR.

Both of them are still on tour. Do not miss their concerts. Check Music@PL.PT's concert agenda for details.
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