Saturday, October 14, 2006
Ready! Set! Go! ...... And they're off.... (PT)

Sometimes there's only one way out! No looking back!!! Run fast, as fast as you can!!
Eyes closed, heart beating wild, sweat coming out of every pore, no time to rest.

You put the speakers at maximum volume. Loud, loud and again, loud. It can only be played this way!!!

These might be the symptoms one feels once playing Ready!Set!Go! on the cd player.

27 minutes of music. 27 minutes that you will want to repeat, over and over again.......

The album kicks in with I Can't move (but my head runs like a horse), the album's first single. Catchy chorus, guitars played fast, dirty and noisy. After this track, there's no switching off. Summer boys continues in the same mood. In case you didn't surrender after the first track, you should be pretty convinced by now. Still, you've only gone through the first two tracks. There's five more to go. My world got itself in a hurry, Private disco, Temporary insanity, Arabian princess and Lady 666 will not let you take a break!!!

Joao Guincho, on guitar and vocals; Paulo Franco, on lead vocals and guitar; Joao Leitao, on vocals and bass; and Pedro Cacao, on drums, released this year an album that breathes melody, punk and rock music; that crosses references such as Black Sabbath, Queens of The Stone Age, Kyuss, Clash or Fu Manchu, among many others. All this is mixed thouroughly, as if it would concern a potion preparation!!!

Their music is to be listened loud and non-stop. Each track grabs you in such a way that you cannot stop dancing, you cannot resist it.
You feel the music coming out of the speakers! You fell the adrenalin going up! You feel like jumping! You feel like screaming!!!! You feel .......... Ready!Set!Go!

In case you want to know more on Dapunksportif, have a look at the following 2 tracks, or visit their Myspace.
You can get their debut album at Rastilho Records or here (in english).

I Can't Move But My Head...
My World Got Itself In a Hurry
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  • At 12:22 AM, Anonymous ZB said…

    Excellent ! both Vicious five and dapunksportif ! these are the sounds I typically need on some morning to wake me up !
    and the Vicious five's record cover, great pastiche of the cultissime Herb Alpert's Whipped cream...!

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