Saturday, October 14, 2006
Stories with a sountrack - Erro! (PT)

"Era uma vez um rapaz, o rapaz maravilha, que tinha um chapeu amarelo, um chapeu magico!
Todos os monstros e gatos maus que lhe apareciam em sonhos temiam o chapeu magico, como tal, nao havia pesadelos!....."

Stories with a soundtrack!
A soundtrack made out of words!

Children stories, weird stories.

Stories on ice melting and on yellow hats......
Stories on magical forests and on saints.....

A computer. Electronic ambients. Melodic, loose, out of control. Repetitive, just like in a fun fair. Somehow experimental. Hipnotic guitars, dragging themselves throughout every tale.

Isto e o que, mae?, with special appearance by Adolfo Luxuria Canibal, is Erro!'s debut album. After a couple of mp3 releases and demos, we are offered an album of stories, of experiments.

I was supposed to have written on Erro!, or Joao Palma, long ago. But, I was always postponing it. Finally, it happened today.

Find some of his work right here, ready to download, at his MySpace and still at his homepage.

Out of Isto e o que, mae?

Uma senhora


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