Saturday, October 14, 2006
Who the hell are The Vicious Five (PT)

"Who the hell are The Vicious Five? Who the fuck are we?! We don't know. Five friends. Five punk kids. Five short attention spans. Who cares?! There are more than five thousand answers for that question, none of them accurate or entirely true. Why should we want to answer that question? You answer it. You hear our music. You come and see us live. Come and have a beer with us. Tell us what you think."

There's no better introduction to The Vicious Five than theirs.

Rui, Edgar, Paulo, Bruno and Quim delivered us Up on the Walls last year. 11 tracks. 11 damn good tracks. Call it whatever you want. Rock 'n' Roll, post punk, rock,..... They are all this and more.

Their music is served in dirty plates, cold and raw, down to your face. Guitars, bass and drums. Vocals straight from hell. Screamed out, on the edge, powerful, so powerful. Words of command, revolution, rebellion and pleasure.

"... get on your knees, it's time to please...." or "..... bring on the guillotine, bring it on..."

They're 5. They rock hard and fast. They show no mercy.

They're The Vicious Five!!!!

Catch two of their tracks right here. For more, visit their MySpace.

Bad Mirror
Fallacies and fellatio

Don't let their old funny faces trick you.

Their album can be bought right here or on the following online stores - iTunes, emusic, Napster or
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