Friday, November 24, 2006
A Bor Land night with ..... (PT)

What would you say if some of the most interesting new bands would get together and celebrate music for one evening?

What would you say if I'd tell you this will take place this evening?

On the 25th of November Casa da Musica, at Oporto city, will be invaded by the new soundz of Bor Land, a true independent label and one of the most active made in Portugal.

La La La Ressonance, Alexandre Soares & Jorge Coelho, Olga and Bypass will transform tomorrow's evening into something unique.

La La La Ressonance
It started back in 1995 as The Astonishing Urbana Fall. With 3 EPs released (the superb Acetaminophen is one of them) this Barcelos-based band expanded the concept of musical performance and delivered us a combination of rock (post, noise, experimental rock and Kraut-rock,...), industrial and jazz music, topped with orchestral arrangements. It was the beginning of a musical adventure that today sees many followers.

This year, they returned under the name of La La La Ressonance. Palisade is the motive. A cd and a film altogether where the sounds of the past have given space to instrumental, jazzy and experimental ambients.

Music for Friday evenings, music for Saturday afternoons, music for tough Sunday mornings.

Alexandre Soares & Jorge Coelho
Their musical past should be enough for you to grab this release straightaway. If not, take a look at their CVs and you'll find names such as GNR, Zero, Tres Tristes Tigres, Zen and Mesa.

2006 saw these two lonesome men getting together and releasing Caes aos Circulos, a 7'' where improvisation, lo-fi rock, madness, two guitars and two amplifiers create musical spider's web that surround you never to let you go again.

Experimental, psychedelic, krautrock! Guitars on the loose, devilish percussion, distorced speeches, sampling, distant, melodic and cold sountracks. This is Olga!

This Lisbon-based trio released two albums to date. The self-titled debut album and last year, What Is. This will be an opportunity catch them live and testify their transformation on stage.

Certain day, at home, I turned on the radio and heard something that caught up my attention. Fingers running across the guitar. The music? Delicate.... delicate????
Another guitar joins the party. The sound has lost its innocence. We are thrown into a musical carousel. Guitars handled experimentally, violently, creating dense and arse-kicking instrumental tunes that will leave no one indifferent. That was Tobogan. Still today, I cannot stop playing it again and again and again....

Bruno Coelho, Miguel Menezes, Rui Dias and Eduardo Raon released this year Mighty Sounds Pristine, the follow-up to their 2002 self-titled debut EP. Together with Linda Martini's debut album, this was one of the most expected rock albums of the year.

Tonight, discover yourself another Portugal.

The Astonishing Urbana Fall - The dance mechanics
La La La Ressonance - A night at the Hopper's
La La La Ressonance - Zed for Zebra
Alexandre Soares & Jorge Coelho - untitled 1
Alexandre Soares & Jorge Coelho - untitled 4
Olga - Train's fog
Olga - Money
Bypass - Tunnel
Bypass - Tobogan (Swine Remix)

For those wanting to discover more on this label, follow this link and discover their five years' celebration compilation.


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