Saturday, November 18, 2006
Come 'n' get me ... in concert (PL)

Miloopa are about to release a new EP. Come 'n' Get Me will see the lights this November.

After the promising debut with Nutrition Facts, this EP will give us the chance to listen to two new tracks, Come 'n' get me and Flashback, and to Told to stop, this time remixed by Envee.

Currently, this Wroclaw-based dnb, breakbeat collective is on tour supporting the EP Come 'n' Get Me and their debut album.
Get to see, live, the definition of beat according Natalie, Monter, Zlasu, Bond, Mucha, He1 and Spectribe.

21/11 @ Cargo, London (UK)
28/11 @ Rura Jazz Festival, Wroclaw
16/12 @ Cogitatur, Katowice

Check some sounds out of Nutrition Facts. If you like it, get the album here.

All night long
Cosmic step (feat. Blu rum)
I see myself

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