Tuesday, November 14, 2006
Fat Freddy ..... here we go !!!!! (PT)

Guedes Ferreira (guitar and progs) and Nuno Oliveira (on drums) are Fat Freddy. Noise-rock, organic electronic music, guitars driven to the limits and a percussion section ready to explode.

A soundtrack to the imaginary bad cop/good cop, to the low budget action pack movies, sci-fi lullabies or even to the The Twilight Zone, remember?

After Fanfarras do Opio, Fat Freddy decided to move forth and now return with " ", an album with no name, that speaks for itself. If not, just let the cd roll over, turn on the volume and.....

...... grab on your helmet and pistol, turn on the siren, put your foot on the pedal and speed up ..... here we go........

Get to listen to two tracks of theirs right here.

Untitled 3
Untitled 7

Catch them live on the following dates:

17/11/06 @ As Horas - Radio Comercial, PT
18/11/06 @ Lounge, Lx
25/11/06 @ O Meu Mercedes e' Maior Que o Teu, Oporto
01/12/06 @ Clube Poeta, Ponte da Barca
02/12/06 @ Kastru's Bar, Esposende
07/12/06 @ Uptown Bar, Oporto

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