Monday, November 13, 2006
Ghostly whispers from Bialystok (PL)

2004 was a good year for Polish music, especially for a certain little town, located somewhere in the North of Poland, by the name of Bialystok.

Adrian Jakuc-Lukaszewicz (progs, vocals, accordion, synths and and other keyboard instruments), Maja Chmurkowska (piano, vocals and other keyboard instruments), Pawel Dudzinski (guitar, melodica and vocals) and Przemyslaw Gorski (bass) landed on this corner of Eastern Europe to give us one of the most interesting debuts this year, and one of the best Polish albums for year 2006.

Just as many artists decide to isolate themselves in search of inspiration, Zerova decided for the same. Taking themselves to the countryside, their music was then gifted with the cold whispering winds of the Baltic Seas, with the relaxing ambients from Iceland, with the melancholic and smooth electronics from Sweden and Amelie Poulain's beloved Paris, and the mysterious folk sounds of darkened Poland.

After bumping into Zerova on MySpace and having the pleasure to discover some of their music, I was more than interested in discovering the rest. It has arrived quite recently to my email box, and what a surprise it was.

In their music, one can find influences from the sounds of Scandinavia but not only ....... Sigur Ros, Mum, Yann Tiersen or Orb ......... all of them, found space in their music.

Enchanting melodies, ghostly whispers, hypnotising synthesizer backgrounds and a marriage between sci-fi soundtracks and folk bring us the unique sounds of Zerova.

I Think We've Lost starts with the magnificent Fukka'jo, one of the most beautiful songs released this year. Just like a ballerina in a little music box, the melodies keep swirling and swirling, dancing to the beat and to the keyboard notes softly coming out of the speakers. Together, they walk side by side to meet Pawel's voice, so enchanting that it’ll make you want to close your eyes and embark on a trip throughout your sweetest dreams.

Then we go to Drift, where Zerova start exploring the world of minimal electronic music. Bip, bip bip ...... Electronic lines perfuming this track since the very beginning to the very end. Little episodes told here and there, just to remember us where we are.

A dialogue between a machine, a guitar and a synthesizer is suddenly interrupted by a beeping creature. This is 333, the perfect soundtrack to a kids sci-fi bed story.

The next two tracks continue on the seas of minimal electronic music, digging further more into the world of break-beat, creating those moods we eager for so many times. Experimental and melodic, accompanied by child's toy music and echoing whispers, this is the introduction to the next two tracks where machinery and some analogue instruments take fully control of all the operations.

The last three tracks meet Pawel once again. On the very last one we have the pleasure to meet Maja and listen to her story telling. Little delicate stories spiced with the right dose of beats and heavenly created moods.

I Think We've Lost was released on the British label, Herb Recordings, home to Myppa, another interesting Polish project, and can be found at the following online stores iTunes, BeatPort or imusiclabel.

Already record of the week at Music@PL.PT, this is a release that we recommend vividly. Have a look at some of their music at their MySpace and get the track Fukka'jo right here.

See them live, on the 18th of November, at Fama, Bialystok.

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posted by SKL @ 2:11 PM  
  • At 4:01 AM, Blogger hedvika said…

    Hey Romeu,
    the band seems to be great! thanks for letting me know! I will certainly post on it:) it looks they´re on about two years or over... hows it possible not hearing anything from them up to now? well, it´s time for a change... to spread a message:) thanks.


    ps: as for czech new music, i can recommend you trip fontaine:

  • At 5:07 PM, Anonymous Pferde said…

    These guys are AAAAMAAAZIING!!!! How come I have never heard of them before?! I want moore!!!

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