Wednesday, November 01, 2006
Kofeina - Shoot The Star (PL)

Back in May 2004, Olsztyn saw the birth of Kofeina, a rock, pop five piece band.
Months later, their first release, a four track demo, Gravity. Shoot the Star was the one to follow.

Some days ago I received this latter. It helped me to confirm what I thought about these guys.

Piotr Wasyluk (vocals), Maciej Romanowski (guitar), Woijciech Olkowski (guitar), Jacek Olszewski (bass) and Arek Kowalski (percussion) deliver on this Shoot The Star, 6 great tracks that normally, anywhere else, would have enormous airplay and already a huge legion of fans.

This demo opens with Shoot the Star. Guitars screaming and guitars in "poppy" loops. Percussion, melodic lines going through the entire track and a catchy refrain. A song that flows so well it will grab you from the very first moment. Do not strange if soon your feet start moving to this song and you sing along during the refrain.

Then we move to They. This might be the only drawback on this release. The melodic guitars continue there but there's something that does not sound that well on this track. I guess the vocal variations and the time the track takes make it not so interesting, driving your finger to hit the "next" button a bit later.

Wish, makes you wish the previous track wasn't there. Piotr puts on a black suit, takes over the microphone and tells us what we all wish for. Mellow, delicate and pop. A wonderful chorus, a shoegazer guitar and those drums that take the lead and carryi on as if they'd be a maetro. A song that you'll listen again, and again, and again.

Signs on the wall, Lost and Nothing do not disappoint. They show us rather, what these guys are capable of.

Now, lets wait they manage to get a record deal soon, and take their music to a wide audience.

Listen to Gravity, out of their first demo on their MySpace and some other tracks.

Get to see them live, on the 30th of November, at the Rakor Clud, in their home town, Olsztyn.

Shoot the Star
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