Friday, January 05, 2007
The Big Holiday Orchestra in Kazimierz (PL/...)

This Sunday, Kazimierz will receive a different music festival.
Wielkiej Orkiestry Swiatecznej Pomocy (WOSP) will arrive a week earlier, this time with the contribution of the foreign community living in Krakow.

The Big Holiday Orchestra in Kazimierz, brought to you by Lost in Krakow, Cracow-Life and Music@PL.PT, will take place in 3 different pubs, with 9 bands.

Festival Line-Up

B-side- Ul. Estery
16:00 Bloody Mary
17:00 Liam McMurrhi Band
18:00 Eluktrick

Kawiarnia Naukowa
19:00-21:30 David Molus, Haden Berry, The Goat, Midnight Reverie

Tytus I Koka
21:30- Fox Gang
22:30-Urban Jellen Test
Midnight and Beyond- Fall Star Jam

Tickets will be sold at each venue, for 25 PLN (for the whole festival) and 10 PLN (for each club).

All the profits will be offered to the Fundacja Wielkiej Orkiestry Swiatecznej Pomocy.

This will be a fine occasion to help some people, meet some friends, listen and discover to some good music, made in Krakow, and of course, have some fun.

If you're in Krakow this Sunday, drop by Kazimierz.

Tell your friends, family and pets about it.


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