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The Big Holiday Orchestra in Kazimierz - The bands (PL/....)

Hayden Berry

Singer/songwriter Hayden Berry has been around for more than 15 years. Likened to some heavy weight alt-country, singer/songwriters such as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Tim Buckley, Neil Young and Nick Drake, after releasing his first record on Sire Records, he has embarked on his own, writing and performing melancholic acoustic/folk songs.

Currently, Hayden is recording his third solo album and is planning to record two more albums, having already written the songs.

Fox Gang

Ryan Denton, Joe Brand, Lucas Doolan, Thomas Carter, Ian Jenkins and Rafal Kaczmarek are Fox Gang. These Krakow-based gents have brought to Krakow some of the most interesting tunes lately. Their unique mixture of punk attitude, rock and indie music, plus their ultra-cool stage presence has led to a huge number of followers. Having recently celebrated their first anniversary, they will continue drinking, dancing and making sweet music together for all of us.


They are a new Electro Rock Band that has just arrived on the Krakow Music scene and are already making a name for themselves. Their sound is inherited from 80’s electro-pop music with synth driven guitar beats and avant-rock experimental song writing. Over form a sound that is wholly new yet strangely old. The music aside, Eluktrick is really all about the lyrics. Just about to release their first EP, Thymn, Tchecky Limo, Kobra and Rav will present some of their new songs on this festival.

Urban Jellen Test

Those within this group are true musical visionaries and aesthetic explorers that are redefining the limits of the artistic experience. Fronted by the uncompromisingly charismatic and artistically visionary Blue7, together with Thymn, Kris, Jarek, Sonic, Agnieszka and Liam, the Urban Jellen Test takes us on a trip throughout the world of The Velvet Underground, Beck, Bowie, sharing with us their peculiar mixture of art-rock, psychedelic tunes and folk.

“…..Those who experience an URBAN-JELLEN TEST concert are not only immersed in an eclectic world of sights and sounds, but are also encouraged to contribute to the overall creative process….”

The Midnight Reverie Trio

The Midnight Reverie Trio are Sonia (on the French horn), Scotia (on accordion) and Sonia’s loop pedal. Together, this colourful and magic trio plays this enchanting and melancholic pop blend of eastern European folk melodies, that take you on a musical journey to the heart of Pigalle and lets you fall in love with their calm and catchy tunes.

“….. They’re a street circus band, waiting for their circus…”

David Molus

David Molus is David Molus. Singer/songwriter, based in Krakow for the last two years, he’s been around playing guitar, tooting harmonica, and creating these bluesy, paced melodies.

Influenced by Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and lots and lots of blues, likened to a young Tom Waits, this Sunday, Krakow will listen to the blues according to Dave.

“…..Killing you softly with his song....”

Bloody Mary

They go back to the year 2006, even though they’ve been thinking about getting together since the year 2000. Luiza, Ola, Emilia, Agnieszka and Magda are all about rock ‘n` roll. The pleasure, the fun of playing live and the energy. This weekend, they will come down to Kazimierz. Catch them live.

Liam MacMhurri Band

The Liam MacMhurri Band are Liam MacMhurrhy, on vocals and guitar, Aleksandra Kupis, on bass, Kenny Martin, on drums, Casey Crosby, on keyboards and vocals, and Andrew Bailey, on cello.

After traveling around the world, where he has always been involved with music, it was in Krakow that Liam settled down and got his “Band”.

Rock ‘n’ Roll, melodic and bluesy, another act to check this Sunday, in Kazimierz.

The Goat

The Goat is Zach Eggleston a.k.a. Zach "le goat" Eggleston. Hailing from Philadelphia, USA, his music, composed both on piano and guitar, attempts to shed light on the dark corners of his mind. Singer/songwriter, he has been writing and playing around for about 10 years, on its own and with other projects. Taking on the alias Le Goat, he now resides in Krakow, Poland. Before his exile however he was able to complete a set of new recording titled For The Dogs.


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