Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Come closer, closer ... The Music Festivals (PL/PT)
This post is dedicated to all those that have their own band. Everyone knows how sometimes is difficult to promote one's band, to get their music delivered to each one of us. This is why Off Festival (PL), Arena Rock (PT) and the 12th edition for the Modern Music Festival of Corroios (Festival de Musica Moderna de Corroios) are here. To give you all a chance!!!!

We'll start with the Polish festival Off Festival.

On its second edition, Off Festival has put together a contest that will take the winner to the festival itself.

Together with Onet, they've created where we'll be informed on this year's line up. In order to take part of this line up, you have to send one mp3 to this link. Those that get more votes from the jury and public get to go forth to the elimination series later on.

A serie of concerts at some clubs, promotion at Offensiwe onRadio Trojka and on the weekly magazine Przekroj will also be a given fact to those that reach this phase.

This contest is dedicated to all bands, Portuguese and not only. Regardless if you've got an album out or not, give it your best and try it at Arena Rock.

In order to participate in this music contest, you've got to send them your demo or album until the 31st of January. In order to get all the details, please follow this link.

The festival will consist of four elimination series and a final. During these concerts, a known Portuguese band will take part of the line up. Blind Zero, Blunder, Mesa, Loto and Andre Indiana are to take part on this party.

In order to know if you made it to the elimination series, you'll have to wait until the 10th of February, when they'll announce the 16 finalists.

The winner will play at this year's edition of Festival Vilar de Mouros.

One of the most important music contests in Portugal is back, on its 12th edition.

You Should Go Ahead, Dapunksportif, New Connection, link. All the necessary information will be found right here. Do it until the 2nd of February, though.

As on Arena Rock, there'll be one guest band per each elimination series. Confirmed up to now, Dapunksportif and New Connection.

So what are you waiting for??? Get you demos, albums or mp3s and send it ........


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