Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Cristina Branco sings Jose Afonso (PT)

Cristina Branco, one of Portugal's finest new fado singers, will debut a new show, starting on the 2nd of February and running until the 24th, at the Jardim de Inverno, Teatro Municipal Sao Luiz. This show will celebrate the music of Jose Afonso (aka Zeca Afonso), one of the most influencial musicians in the history of Portuguese popular music.

Cristina Branco is known for her different approach to fado music, taking it into a new dimension. Classic tracks are given new life with her unique voice and effort. Covering foreign artists or singing in Portuguese from Brazil are among what Cristina has brought into her music and fado, mainly.

Zeca Afonso was born in Aveiro, back in 1929. During his life, he became very active against the dictatorial regime of Oliveira Salazar, using his music as a mean to reach all those fighting against the regime, wanting to change the course and fate the country was sunk into. With all his efforts and achievements, after his death in February 23, 1987, he is still remembered and listened all around the world.
On Cristina Branco Canta Zeca Afonso, Cristina will be joined by Alexandre Frazao, Bernando Moreira, Mario Delgado and Ricardo Dias. These shows can be seen, on February, every Friday and Saturday, starting at 24h.

Discover some of Cristina Branco's music right here.


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