Sunday, January 21, 2007
Everything is a piece of something (PL)

Blue Raincoat have opened the guest book for 2007's record editions made in PL.

This Wolow-based quartet just released Everything is a Piece of Something, an album where guitars either scream out harsh sounds or play delicate chords; where fine melodies meet face to face with Krzysztof's deep and sorrow vocals.

On their second album, and third release (they released a demo K7 back in 2001, Fast At The Beginning And Then Real Slow, and in 2003, their debut cd, Small Town Addiction, mastered by Jack Endino (which has worked with other artists such as Nirvana, Therapy? and Soundgarden, among many others). After this release, these four lads packed their bags and hit the road.

This year the time has arrived for their second album. With the experience they got on the road, Everything..... ends up being an album that sounds more cohesive than before, with their songs breathing health and promising a bright future for these lads.

Tomek, Marcin, Krzysztof and Krystian are to hit the road again. Go see them live on these dates:

02/01/07 @ Calista Pub, Wolow
08/02/07 @ Studio im. A. Osieckiej, Warsaw
22/02/07 @ Aquarium, Dresden (DE)
28/02/07 @ Piwnica 21, Poznan
02/03/07 @ Kawiarnia Naukowa, Krakow
28/03/07 @ Bezsennosc, Wroclaw

In order to listen to some of their tunes, visit their Myspace or download here Horses on the horizon and Waiting for my man.


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