Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Pratica(mente) according to Sam The Kid (PT)

Samuel Martins Torres Santiago Mira is Sam the Kid, a 27 years old rapper/producer that has been taking hip hop in Portugal a step forth.

Like Fisz Emade, in Poland, he's refused to keep doing more of the same, taking his own path that has led him to become one of the best rappers/producers in PT.

Entre(tanto), Sobre(tudo) and, more recently, the instrumental Beats Vol 1: Amor have confirmed Sam The Kid as one of the most important figures in the Portuguese hip hop movement.

Making use of a very intelligent writing, we are talking about an artist that knows no barriers and that can transform every word into a lethal weapon.

Writing about the family, destiny, everyday problems, fake heroes and the illusion on easy success, together with his MPC2000, he comes up with beats, samples (using material such as old Portuguese vynil records, phone calls, recorded dialogues) and words just like a magician takes rabbits out of his hat. Words flowing at 200km/h and beats flying from A to Z never sounded so well.

During these four years, after the release of Beats Vol 1, Sam has had the time to release a magnificent album, his first studio album and one that will write its name in the history of hip-hop made in PT.

Together with guests such as Medo D, Cool Hipnoise, Kalaf, Lil'John, Valete, Carlos Bica, NBC, Cruzfader, among others, this has allowed him to create a more organic album, where instruments have found a place to free their voice as well.

Together with Nigga Poison's debut album, these 17 tracks have conquered me completely and hardly leave my cd player.

Tracks like Poetas de Karaoke, Negociantes, Pus-me a pensar, 16/12/95 and Tempo will for sure grab your attention once you first listen to them. Get to know some of these at his MySpace.


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