Monday, January 15, 2007
The story of the Thisisnoters (PL)

"....Far, far away from here, in some galactic, there is a planet called Thisisnot. It is not too big, not too small just right up. This planet orbits the star. On this planet live creatures called Thisisnoters. They are so small, that we can even say that they don’t exist!...."

3moonboys are back with a 4 track EP by the name of This is not. After 2004's self titled debut and 2006's Only music can save us, this return sees them exploring the universe of ambient music tempered by rock tunes going back to the krautrock era, creating the perfect sound track for a mellow Twilight Zone episode or any other low cost Sci-Fi film.

For those of you that do not know 3moonboys, they are Wojtek Kotwicki, Piotr Michalski, Marcin Karnowski and Radek Maciejewski. Once Charlie Sleeps and 5 Strona Swiata, this Bydgoszcz-based guitar band takes us on a ride thru the world of hipnotic and progressive guitars, melodic and spacey tunes that remind us of all those cold and enormous places somewhere in Northern Europe.

Their lyrics are normally kept to the minimum required, as the most important here is the music.

Their new EP can be bought right here. Hurry up as this is an handmade limited edition.

Discover two tracks out of their previous 2006 release.

Broken toy

Spit it out


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