Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Welcome to les lignes Cosmiques Mathplanete (PL)

"... Mesdames et messieurs, nous vous souhaitons la bienvenue 'a bord de la navette spatiale des lignes Cosmiques Mathplanete....."

The motto is set. We only have one way out. Go on-board and take part on this intergalactic journey throughout the world of Piotr Skotnicki and Artur Wlodkowski.

This Warsaw-based duo have just released their debut album, Mathplanete, an album that combines jazz elements together with deep house, soul and r&b.

Set for the dance floor, this is an album that travels amidst many genres within the world of dance music. We start of with Intro, a track that takes us back to Dimitri from Paris' Sacrebleu, heading up to an hibrid r&b/house Lunatics, more dancable than before and somehow, setting up the mood for what is still ahead of us.

Free continues on the same path, now with a register closer to a Seal's remix more orientated to the dance floor. Back Up Your Love and Shake Your Brain are more acid jazz, with some breakbeats on the horizon. These latter arrive right next with Thick Skinned. Still on a vocal register close to Seal, now less r&b and but closer to soul. The Real Me, featuring the Polish band Plastic, comes more as a suprise, a very pleasant suprise. Downtempo beats cooled down by a spaced jazzy breeze. A string quartet gives it the ultimate touch, revealing, who knows, the real Mathplanete out there!!!

The album continues with the breakbeats and delicate french words of Natasha Jenkis, on La Nuit, moving forth into the strongly addictive and festive Just One Smile, to the Barry White-inspired soul and r&b deep voice on Out of Joint and Restless.

The album continues on a good pace until I run into Lunatique (french version), a Euro-Pop Trash hymn that could have been avoided at any cost. The Polish version is very interesting but the French sister track cannot avoid comparisons to the worst things coming out of France!!!!
In the end, one of the most interesting releases to come out on the world of dance music made in PL, alongside with Plastic's 2006 self-titled debut.


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