Friday, January 19, 2007
The World of Rodrigo Leao (PT)

Just received O Mundo (1993 - 2006). For those that do not know what I'm talking about, this is the latest release by Rodrigo Leao, one of the most influential composers in recent years, in Portugal.

It all started back in the 80's with two of the most important bands in the Portuguese music history, Setima Legiao and Madredeus. Ex-member and co-founder of the two previously mentioned bands, Rodrigo decided to explore a carrier on its own during the last decade.

First with Ave Mundi Luminar, then with Theatrum, Alma Mater and most recently with the magnificent Cinema, Rodrigo Leao has written his name, definitely, as one of the best composers in Portugal, but not only.

Having worked with renowned artists such as Beth Gibbons, Rosa Passos, Sonia Tavares and Ryuichi Sakamoto, among others, he decided to release, late last year, his first compilation, gathering some of the music composed between 1993 and 2006. With five new tracks and several others that have been specially re-recorded for this occasion, this is the time to step into his world and listen to tracks like Carpe Diem and Ave Mundi Luminar, Voltar, Pasion or Lonely Carousel.

Classical arrangements, la chaison francaise, a delicate touch of pop, electronic melodies and progressive atmospheres create some of the most beautiful tracks to come out of Portugal in the past years.

Music with soul and feelings; music that can be touched and felt.

Melancholy and sadness. Passion and hope. With O Mundo, you are invited to get on-board this emotional trip.

Listen to some previews out of O Mundo (1993 - 2006) right here.

Rua da Atalaia
A janela
A casa
La fete
Lonely carousel


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