Sunday, April 15, 2007
Co's King's Meal (PL)
....Jestes glodny?
Need some more fat?!
Starczy dla wszystkich.
Eat it!....

CO, aka Maciek Kujawski, has released recently King's Meal, a 12 track musical experience of rich tapestries and influences.
Electronic and experimental music with spiral cracking noises, robot-like dance music and hip hop, among many other styles, are part of this weird but amazing album.

With guests The Complainer, Deuce and Miss Hawaii, Co delivers an album that may not conquer that many after first time listening, but for sure will do it better after a second or a third time.

Kicking off with the beats of thriller-like Blow, we go past Angel Twins, an hallucinating electro screaming exercise that will drive its way right deep into your mind. Next, it is time for a close encounter with The Complainer and his experimental noise tribute to Hank Williams on the machine driven Hank.

We're driving fast now, going through the likes of the bizarre electro seductive So Slowly, the "poppy" Feel Free featuring Deuce, No More Wool and to Co's vision on Polish Rap, together with Miss Hawaii.

After the golden duo, Golden Blow and Golden King, we get to the industrial tunes of and to the LCD friendly CoilRoLlLlLlL. Repetitive lines, tunes that keep banging and banging on your head. Damn fu**in' good!!!!

King's Meal finishes with Kick & Kill, the perfect dessert for all of you kings out there. Crazy electro beats and arse kickin' vocals, played on fast-forward mode.

King's Meal was released on Mik Musik. Get it right here.

Do not resist!! Offer no resistance!!! Let your body dance to King's Meal.

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