Sunday, April 15, 2007
Goc and Miles From Reality (PL)
M.oon Label just got a new record out.

Miles From Reality is the release by the 21 years old Olkusz-based Tomek Goc.

Breakbeat, chill-out, house and jazzy flavoured electronic music is the menu offered to us on Goc's recent mini-album.
With almost 30 minutes of music spread on 9 tracks, we step on-board on a journey of relaxed textures and colourful ambients(Inatomiser, Drump, Silent and Stiff Morning), downtempo world spiced tunes (Ada and E-Kasetony), break beats (Pracnipirt) and house-inspired breezes (Tripincarp).

The most accomplished track gives by the name of Miles From Reality. Warm soul vocal samples under an hypnotic downtempo landscape.

Just relax and sit back. You're about to go Miles From Reality....

The album is available, for free download, at M.oon Label.

Listen to the following tracks right here.

Miles From Reality

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