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Home.Pop.Compilation (PL/..)
The young label Home.Pop.Records released last March their third record, this time, a compilation.

Home.Pop.Compilation is quite unique on its own way. Mainly dedicated to pop music, ambient and minimal electronic sounds, we can find on these 15 tracks some other interesting proposals that fall completely out of this spectrum (bands like Brzask!, AGD and Pustki) and still we feel this as a whole.

According to Tomasz Bien and Tomasz Bednarczyk:
"...Although it showcases many artists representing various music genres, it is a coherent and, for us, a very personal record. We invited our friends to participate: young musicians collaborating with Home.Pop.Records, still searching for their place, people we are very indebted to or artists whose work we find motivating and whose music we like and appreciate....."

Home.Pop.Compilation gathers 15 previously unreleased tracks, combining demo versions with some older material, kept in the closet up to now, and other tracks specially recorded for this occasion.

Among these artists we can find some known to Music@PL.PT: Silver Rocket, Tomasz Bien, Tomasz Bednarczyk (both responsible for Home.Pop.Records) and one of their projects At Home, Old Time Radio, Zerova (one of last year's Music@PL.PT revelation band) and Pustki. The others, come as a good suprise.

The album starts with I, a track by the two Tomasz, Bien and Bednarczyk. Their music walks by large green fields of minimal and ambient music. It seems that we opened that tiny wooden music box, and the ballerina keeps dancing and swirling, again and again, to the fragile electronic music drops of I.

Zosia Esden and Marcin Dymiter bring us Osadzona. Under the name of Esden and Emiter, this duo continues on the same fields of ambient electronic music. The subtle and delicate voice of Zosia, the minimal sound blips and piano notes that go on during these three and a half minutes transform this song in something so fragile, so little and so beautiful.
This track is a preview of their upcoming album.

The third track is courtesy of Julia, a young girl from Sweden. En minut till slut takes us to the sounds of Stina Nordenstam, with cold winter textures being drawn by a delicate and fragile voice.

Silver Rocket came along with Karolina Kozak (of the Polish band Dr. No) and Bogdan Kondracki for this Escape. Different to the tracks presented up to now, this song is closer to what we saw on last year's Silver Rocket album. Yet, more melodic, with Karolina wispering, singing and repeating I wanted to go away so delicately and catchy. Never before five words sounded so well. Special note for the sax and the keyboards that keep company to Karolina so perfectly.

Old Time Radio were one of the bands that recorded a song specially for this compilation. Sparkle is a nice song, but does not bring anything new to what we were expecting from OTR. This could be, quite easily, a b-side to any single out of the 2006 album Downtown.

One of our favourite Polish bands, Zerova, delivers Home on the wall. This track, specially recorded for this compilation, brings us Maja and Pawel on the vocals, singing over delicately built ambient and dreamy textures, where fragile bits drop slowly as an old clock going "tick tack, tick tack....."

Pasmanteria were one of the bands I didn't know anything about. Daniel Witnicki welcomes us with 50 seconds of ambient electronic music and pleasant weird sounds that keep coming out of the speakers. Psi detektywi opened my appetite for this project.

AGD is another project I didn't know. Winda do Suszarni could be the instrumental version of a Tom Waits song. Jazzy with some slightly bizarre tunes (in a good sense), this is the perfect visit card for those that, just like me, do not know this band. This song, on a slightly different version, appeared six years ago on their album Echolokator.

On Pustki's Oranzada, nothing better than their own words. ".....We've always wanted to make a song that would make an ideal soundtrack to a gangster movie. And we associate this atmosphere with the streets of San Francisco. Some guy escapes, he's being chased by a police car, they turn into a side alley and land in the rubbish dump. This is what this song's about..." . The track was recorded back in 2002.

Blus is Brzask!'s share on this album. Completely out of the pop, ambient, minimal electronic music circle, this band delivers a fresh and interesting post-punk proposal. With an interesting vocal contribution, this guitar driven, bass maniac track lands here just as Tim Burton's aliens did on Las Vegas...... quite well.

Polpo Motel's proposal is one the most interesting tracks to come out of this record. Mortal Angel brings the collaboration between Olga Myslowska and Daniel Pigonski (of Elektrolot). Dense and dark ambients accompanied by Olga's remarkable voice, pleasants buzzes and a constant drumming, take us to some of the 70's and 80's pop. Suprising and beautiful.
This song is a preview of their forthcoming debut album.

Tomasz Kowalski drops us Petardy. This young artists, member of At Home, unveils the perfect soundtrack for a fairy tale movie. Sounding so lovely and delicate, as if these sounds were coming out of a little magic music box.

Tomasz Kowalski drops by, once again, now together with Tomasz Bien and their project At Home. Dissolve travels amidst a dense, blurry and endless sound curtain. Guitar chords provide guidance in the middle of these beautiful noises that comfort our mind and ears and keep us hitting the repeat button. Simple........ and amazing.

Patryk T is the artist that follows. One More Night Outside The Home continues the same path At Home did before. A dense and melancholic sound texture, more melodic this time, a guitar that lends some notes to it. Lo-fi and ambient pop at its best.

The compilation ends with the two Tomasz, the Bednarczyk and the Bien, and their loopy exercise track, that welcomes us whenever hitting the Home.Pop.Records homepage.

As a whole, a very interesting proposal. A record worth buying!!!

Next, the track list and the mp3 for the first track, by the two Tomasz.

01. Bien_Bednarczyk - I
02. Esden_Emiter - Osadzona
03. Julia - En minut till slut
04. Silver Rocket - Escape
05. Old Time Radio - Sparkle
06. Zerova - Home on the wall
07. Pasmanteria - Psi detektywi
08. AGD - Winda do suszarni
09. Pustki - Orenzada
10. Brzask! - Blus
11. Polpo Motel - Mortal angel
12. Tomasz Kowalski - Petardy
13. At Home - Dissolve
14. Patryk_T - One more night outside the home
15. Bednarczyk_Bien - II

This album can be bought at Home.Pop.Records online store.

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