Thursday, April 19, 2007
IndieLisboa: the capital under the sign of independent film
Undoubtedly one of most exhilarating local film events, IndieLisboa is back to celebrate its fourth edition with a programme that includes over 300 titles.

The Austrian experimental music documentary Life in Loops by German-born director Timo Novotny was chosen to open the festival, setting clear from the very start the independent orientation of the showcase, which this year will also feature five European films competing for the Film Grand Prize (€7,500), alongside another wave of European titles spread throughout the festival’s sidebar sections.

Europeans in competition include emerging filmmaking talents who have won acclaim in international festivals, such as Hungarian director Agnes Kocsis, who will present her Cannes 2006 entry Fresh Air; Sweden's Jesper Ganslandt, onhand with his Venice 2006 intimate teenage drama Farval Falkenberg; France's Laurent Achard, winner of the Best Director award at Locarno last year for Demented; Germany's Stefan Krohmer with Summer '04 (Director's Fortnight 2006); and Switzerland's Jeanne Waltz, with the Berlin 2007 entry Pas douce.

The new generation of indie German directors (Christoph Hochhaeusler, Romuald Karmakar, Ulrich Kohler, Aysun Bademsoy, among others) will share the spotlight of the Independent Hero sidebar section with Japanese director Shinji Aoyama, while another section will be dedicated to the seven titles co-financed by Austria's New Crowned Hope Festival, which includes Venice 2006 winner Daratt – Dry Season by Mahamat-Saleh Haroun and the unpredictable love story of the Taiwanese/French film I Don't Want To Sleep Alone by Malaysian-born director Tsai Ming-Liang.

On a more commercial register, the Observatory section will screen two Portuguese titles: Floripes by Miguel Goncalves Mendes and Rio Turvo by festival regular Egdar Pera.

IndieLisboa will also organize the second edition of Lisbon Screenings: Portuguese Premieres (April 20 – 22), which aims to present a series of new films from local filmmakers to international sales agents, distributors, festival representatives and critics.

More Portuguese artists will be represented on the Short Film Competition. China, China, by Joao Pedro Rodrigues and Joao Rui Guerra da Mata; A Ilha Da Boa Vida, by Merces Tomaz Gomes; Jantar em Lisboa, by Andre Carrilho; Kitty & Julio, by Claudia Rita Oliveira; Primeiro Voo, by Nuno Bernardo and Sobe, Adensa, Esgarca, Desce, by Ana Eliseu and Mathilde Neves.

Music made in PT will make its premiere as well with Otavio Ribeiro's Nu Bai - O Rap Negro, and Filhos do Tedio, by Rodrigo Fernandes and Rita Alcaire.

For the little ones, on IndieJunior, a Charlie Chaplin's film with Coty Cream in charge of the sountrack, live.

The program can be downloaded from here.

Original article taken from CineEuropa and written by Vitor Pinto. Edited by Music@PL.PT.

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