Thursday, April 19, 2007
Paulo Praca's Disco de Cabeceira (PT)
Sometimes it happens this way.

Unexpectedly, we come across one of those albums that not only suprises you, seduces you, but becomes one of those objects you want to carry with you all day long, keeping it close to yourself. This happened recently with Paulo Praca's debut solo album Disco de Cabeceira.

This release is all about love, emotions and ironic pop stories that sometimes gain courage and become rock hymns.
It is all about 12 songs of pure and beautiful simplicity, melancholic moods, beautiful melodies, catchy refrains and fragile wispered words. This Disco de Cabeceira is just like pop music painted in light blue, side by side with delicate passionate pink backgrounds, surrounded by inspiring green tones.

After being involved in several other projects (Plaza, Turbo Junkie and Grace), the time has come for Paulo Praca to go solo. With lyrics mainly (one of the tracks is signed by Ana Deus) by the poet Walter Hugo Mae, we are taken into his world of pop and melody with such remarkable tracks as Nao Te Quero Faltar, (Diz) A Verdade, A Virgindade Da Patricia, Jack O Estripador, A Forca Da Nossa Voz, Guerra Ao Coracao or A Princesa Que Nao Quis Ser Salva.

For all those that keep saying music sung in Portuguese in not interesting at all, think twice!!!! Listen right next to some previews of Disco de Cabeceira.

Check some more on Paulo Praca on this e-card or at his site.

Disco de Cabeceira can be bought right here.

Nao Te Quero Faltar
As Mocas A Janela
(Diz) A Verdade
A Virgindade Da Patricia
Jack O Estripador

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